Lukáš Cmajdálka - sběratel reklamních propisovacích tužek s logem

I would like to introduce myself and at the same time to address you and ask you for a small help that would promote my collecting effort.

I am the student Tomas Bata University in Zlin - Czech Republic and my hobby is collecting firm ball – point pencils. Thanks to understanding of both big and small firms. I have succeeded in collecting about:
7 500 pieces so far

I have been doing this collecting activity for about 15 years and I would like to go on exterding my collection. When my collection gets bigger, I am going to arrange the exhibition of my collecting effort and might make an attempt to register with the GUINNESS BOOK. My collection on mostly consists of Czech firms´ ball – point pencils but you can find here also pencils brought from the U.S.A., Spain, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Greece, New Zealand and Holland.

That´s why I turn to you with the request to send me a ball – point pencil with the logo of your firm that should not be missing in my collection. At the same time I am looking for new friends who would help me to enrich my collection anyhow.

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